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7 Critical Home Inspection Insights Every Atlanta Homeowner Needs to Know

Cole Team at Real Broker

You should have a stellar real estate experience. Experience the ultimate in real estate excellence when you work with us...

You should have a stellar real estate experience. Experience the ultimate in real estate excellence when you work with us...

Oct 19 7 minutes read

Thinking about selling your home in Atlanta? You've come to the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we're going to take a deep dive into the 7 critical things we encounter on almost every home inspection in Atlanta. Plus, we'll unveil the deal breakers you absolutely must be aware of before putting your home on the market. So, let's get started!

1. Wood Rot: The Atlanta Sun vs. Your Home

Atlanta's abundant sunshine is a blessing, but it can also be a challenge for your home's exterior. Wood rot is a common issue, and in this section, we'll explain why and how you can maintain your home's curb appeal under the relentless Southern sun. We'll even share tips on how to spot and address wood rot effectively.

2. HVAC Issues: Staying Cool in the Atlanta Heat

Anyone who's experienced an Atlanta summer knows how crucial a well-functioning HVAC system is. We'll dive into HVAC issues and why it's essential to ensure your system is running smoothly, especially when the temperature starts to soar. Discover common problems, maintenance tips, and how to keep your cool.

3. Pressure Water Valve: When Too Much is Not a Good Thing

We all love a strong shower, but excessive water pressure can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Many Atlanta homes have pressure water valves that need adjusting. We'll explain why this matters, how to check if your water pressure is too high, and why you should address it.

4. Drainage Problems: Landscaping Matters

Proper drainage is often overlooked but vital for your home's well-being. We frequently encounter drainage issues during inspections, some of which may require a French drain. Find out why landscaping plays a crucial role in this, and learn how to effectively address drainage problems.

5. Windows: From Foggy to Functional

Painted-shut or fogged-up windows are more common in Atlanta than you might think. These issues can impact your view and energy efficiency. We'll discuss why they occur and provide solutions to free up and clear out your windows, making them functional and appealing.

6. Critters in the Attic: Wildlife Uninvited

Get ready for the 'Ewww' factor! We've seen it all—flying squirrels and rats tunneling through insulation in attics. Not to mention the mess they leave behind. Discover how to protect your attic from becoming a haven for unwanted wildlife and what signs to watch out for

Deal Killers: The Sale Breakers

Now, let's talk about the deal killers—those major issues that can send your home sale off the rails:

1. Mold:

We'll teach you how to identify mold, where it commonly hides, and what steps to take if you encounter it in your home.

2. Roof Replacements:

Understand why a new roof might be necessary and how it can impact your sale. We'll also share tips on maintaining your roof.

3. Foundational Issues:

Your home's foundation is its backbone. Discover how to spot foundational issues and what steps to take to ensure a smooth home sale process.

But here's the golden nugget of advice: if you're planning to sell your home and suspect any of these deal killers might be lurking, be proactive! Hire professionals to tackle these issues and keep all your paperwork in a safe place. Trust us; the next owner will want to see proof that you've properly addressed these concerns.

That's a wrap on our comprehensive guide to home inspections in Atlanta! If you found this blog post eye-opening and valuable, don't forget to hit the 'Like' button and 'Subscribe' for more essential real estate advice. This is Stephanie from the Cole Team, signing off and wishing you a smooth and successful home sale in Atlanta!

For personalized guidance, reach out to Stephanie and the Cole Team. You can find our contact details and social media handles in the description below. We're here to help you navigate the Atlanta real estate market with confidence!

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